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Background, Aims and Objectives


Background, Aims and Objectives

Yorkshire is the three ridings and the City of York. Yorkshire was an independent kingdom and is a defined region which pre-dates the creation of England. Recent boundary changes have placed some areas of Yorkshire under the administration of adjoining local authorities. The group believes that the highly centralised government in England has led to inequality between the regions which over the years has worked to the disadvantage of Yorkshire and its people.

The group aims to address these inequalities by:-

1 Securing a directly elected regional assembly for Yorkshire;

2 Securing the devolving of powers to the least centralised authority capable of addressing those matters effectively:
i) within Yorkshire,
ii) within the UK,
iii) within the European Union;

3 Optimizing the cost of Government and engaging people as citizens, not just customers, which will include:
i) a new regional settlement to better serve our people, to increase citizen involvement and increase cooperation across authorities,
ii) a more effective distribution of powers and responsibilities to simplify and clarify responsibilities between local, regional and national government.
4 Supporting all Yorkshire communities under non-Yorkshire local authority to return to Yorkshire administration.

The group is committed to a peaceful campaign and to a set of core values such as equality and the rule of law.

  1. Richard Carter permalink

    I understand and admire the mission statement in many ways but wonder how exactly are we to achieve a Yorkshire Parliament when, as you rightly point out elsewhere, we are dominated by ‘the south’. I sincerely hope that all parties would support the principles behind some form of devolution. However, I believe there is a huge opportunity to create a wave in the next European elections that are fought under some kind of PR. This would/should/could offer a number of candidates, or just one, and campaign on the basis of asking people to either back the ‘Yorkshire’ candidate or as a second preference.
    This would mean we have someone arguing the positive arguments for Yorkshire in the Euro Parliament, as well as giving expression to the desire for Yorkshire to control Yorkshire’s destiny within the UK and Europe.
    The person should campaign independently of the main parties in this one off election.


    • Thanks Richard – you make some excellent points here.

      It is certainly the objective of YDM to get devolution to the north in the main party’s manifestoes ahead of the next general election. YDM is working with like minded people from across the political spectrum to make this happen. This task becomes easier though as the parties see this is a popular cause so the more support we can get from people such as yourself the more leverage we have.

      It is true that the European Parliament elections next year are an opportunity to put the case to the people of Yorkshire in exactly the way you suggest. Some members of YDM have even talked about this in the past. Yorkshire should be getting much more out of the EU than it is at present not least financially but also in terms of influencing the policies that affect people here. The flip side is that standing in the election for the EP is expensive as a £5000 deposit is required and campaigning across such a large region is clearly difficult and again expensive. In short YDM has not resolved this one way or the other. We are planning a meeting for a few weeks time (date not fixed yet) so it would be great if you could come along and put your points across.

      • Richard Carter permalink

        Good! I spent a few minutes on the web and found this that offers campaigning advice and much more to independents that demonstrate that 5000 quid could be very well spent! Only 2.5% of the vote is required. As a candidate you get an electoral list and a letter to every household in the region(Excellent propaganda opportunity regardless of the result!
        As I see it we need to try to find a way to act on this and relatively quickly.
        The ‘English Democrats’ got 2.6% of the vote in 2009. I am certain a Yorkshire candidate would get their deposit – and money – back.
        Why cannot a Twitter or Facebook campaign be used to get supporters to pledge a pound (or ten!). This would allow you to understand the thoughts of maybe a younger generation as well as building a network of people who might re engage in politics for an Independent regional candidate…
        The key thing is to get an independent minded, well respected Yorkshire figure, with an interest in promoting Yorkshire positively in the European Parliament and who wants to be a flag bearer for a regional parliament.

        We have very little time to move.

      • Currently, we are looking at building up our base and structure. We aren’t actually a political party so we wouldn’t be able to stand a YDM candidate (Although, we could stand a YDM backed IND, I suppose). I can’t predict the future but the 2014 elections may be too far too fast for us at the moment! 2018 however, may be more likely..

        -Gareth Shanks

  2. Noel Barwood permalink

    What area does the YDM claim to represent, the existing administrative areas or the pre-1974 boundaries?

  3. Thomas Lohfink permalink

    Would a devolved Yorkshire still be considered part of England or would it be another “home country” like Wales and Scotland?

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