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Help us build our Campaign Fund


Help us build our Campaign Fund

The Yorkshire Devolution Movement is an all party and no party group campaigning for greater decision making  powers for the county of Yorkshire through a directly elected assembly. The Yorkshire Devolution Movement believes that the undoubted potential of Yorkshire could be better released if more decision-making was made locally.

The fact is Yorkshire has the same population as Scotland and twice the GDP of Wales and yet the powers of neither. The Yorkshire Devolution Movement is committed to the creation of a directly elected assembly, but to achieve our aim we need your help. Can you help us build a Campaign Fund?

Your donations could go towards

Donating Building and   supporting local activism Campaigning in parliament


Online advertising and building our social media campaign

20,000 campaign postcards


Campaign badges

Printing leaflets

Organising policy roundtables  in Parliament


Hiring a room in a town hall to set up a local group or for public meetings

Travel costs for speakers

Banners for public meetings in Parliament

£100 250 campaign t-shirts Sending a detailed policy briefing to every MP
And with more Materials for organising lobbying of MP’s surgeries – A campaign pack for our local organisers to help us build these lobbies A lobbying presence at all three party conferences

Your donations can help us build the Yorkshire Devolution Movement to keep the pressure on government. Please donate

Yorkshire Devolution Movement

York Hub, Popeshead Court Offices, Peter Lane, York, YO1 8SU

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