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The Yorkshire Devolution Movement was founded in 2012 and is campaigning to secure a directly elected regional assembly for Yorkshire

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  1. What area is claimed by the Yorkshire Devolution Movement, is it the existing administrative areas of North, East, South and West, or the pre-1974 Ridings boundaries?

    • Richard Carter permalink

      It is a fair question. The historic boundaries of Yorkshire continue to be part of Yorkshire and have been throughout their 1138 years of existence. The administrative boundaries do not affect this. My understanding of YDM position is straightforward. It is for the people to decide. If Northern Lincolnshire decided to be part of any devolved settlement that would be their choice. If Saddleworth (for example) wanted to remain administratively in Oldham that is their choice. This is not a campaign for the integrity of the borders of the historic county. That is part of the essence of the YR Society. YDM is about getting the right powers devolved to the region to allow the region to address our challenges and opportunities. We hope and trust that the ‘exiles’ choose to be part of our future.

  2. Noel Barwood permalink

    Thanks for the reply, it helped me understand the situation better. Good luck with your campaign..

  3. Richard Madden permalink

    Why should the establishment of a devolved government in Yorkshire result in a reduction of MP’s at Westminster? Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland didn’t see this so why should Yorkshire?

    This can be found by clicking ‘Why a directly elected assembly?’ and scrolling down to the ‘More Democratic’ section.

    • In fact Scotland saw a reduction of 59 to 52 MPs following the setting up of the Scottish Parliament. There are discussions for similarly reducing the numbers in Wales.

  4. Dear Sir i would like very much to contact Gareth Shanks regarding his article on the New Allies on the horizon

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