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Northern Powerhouse Minister: ‘We have to get a deal for the rest of Yorkshire’

November 11, 2016

Helen Pidd writing in Wednesday’s Guardian gives a hint that the Northern Powerhouse Minister, Andrew Percy, wants a greater Yorkshire devolution settlements . In a piece ‘Lancashire likely to be first county to elect mayor’ Pidd comments that Andrew Percy said:

“We have to get a deal for the rest of Yorkshire. If you look at the port infrastructure, the M62 corridor, everywhere through to Leeds it’s so important to the economy of the north. We want a devo deal because Manchester is powering ahead, so is Liverpool, so is Tees Valley just to the north. We’ve got this gap in the middle and we’ve got to plug that.”

This is not perhaps as categorical as Pidd thinks but nevertheless continues the nudge towards a Yorkshire-wide  devolution settlement, which may, given the problems the city is facing enticing Chesterfield to join in, yet include Sheffield.


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  1. Glen Widdowson permalink

    A Yorkshire Devolution plan should be set up on the boundaries of Yorkshire as a whole and exclude any parts of Notts Derbyshire and Norht Lincs , Not enough pubLic consultation has been undertaken and the Sheffield Deal was quickly rushed through without regard for it’s residents and the surrounding area . Yorkshire is a great brand name that draws international commerce for example through its diverse industry , tourism eg Tour De Yorkshire and Sport etc etc A Yorkshire that includes the sum af all it’s parts will have as much if not more clout than any other region including the countries of Scotland Wales and NI . To accept anything less is a failure in my view .

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