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Launch of Yorkshire Pledge

August 13, 2014

Yorkshire Day saw the launch of the ‘Yorkshire Pledge’ in Leeds.

The pledge, an initiative by Yorkshire First – the party for Yorkshire – calls on the region to have the decision making powers to shape its own future.

Leader of Yorkshire First, Richard Carter, explained the background to the pledge.

“The case for devolution to Yorkshire has been well made.

“The plan is to get as many signatures as possible over the coming weeks and months in order to put pressure on politicians and Westminster-based political parties.

“Yorkshire is its cities, towns and countryside. Together. With our boundaries going back over a thousand years. It has a similar population to Scotland and an economy almost double that of Wales, and it’s about time Yorkshire had similar powers.

“It is time for change. It is time for Yorkshire.”
The Yorkshire Pledge:

We are proud of Yorkshire, its heritage, its environment and its people and want to build an even better future
Yorkshire is its cities, towns, countryside and people. Together.
The time has come for us to have more control over our affairs, to enable us to build a stronger region within the United Kingdom
I call for Yorkshire to have the decision making powers to shape its own future
More details can be found here


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