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More councils plan to fly the flag for Yorkshire in 2014 but it’s still a long way short

July 31, 2014

Last year, the Yorkshire Devolution Movement wrote to all local authorities (over 70) which represent the historic county of Yorkshire urging them to fly the traditional white rose flag outside public buildings in their ownership on Yorkshire Day – August 1st. It emerged that just a handful of councils were flying the Yorkshire flag. This was met with a lot of criticism from the Yorkshire public.

However, the YDM wrote to all those councils again this year and Chair, Nigel Sollitt, is pleased with a better response:

“The response to our ‘fly the flag on Yorkshire Day campaign’ has been much better this year. 12 councils are flying the Yorkshire Flag on August 1st this year out of those which have responded. This might be due to the campaign we ran last year and which embarrassed a lot of local councils. Also it might reflect the outpouring of pride in Yorkshire during the days of the Tour de France when Yorkshire flags could be seen lining the route on both stages.

“It’s still not 100%, in fact it is a long way short, but it is a much better showing than in 2013!”

Councils which have responded and who are flying the Yorkshire flag on Yorkshire Day:

Saddleworth, Rotherham, East Riding of Yorkshire, Calderdale MBC, Doncaster, Scarborough BC, Harrogate BC, Bradford, Sheffield, Richmondshire DC and Yarm.  


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  1. Shiela Steel permalink

    I hope that The Hull City Council will be flying one too on top of The Guildhall

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