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Scottish Tories scramble to support Better Together campaign

June 2, 2014

Scottish Conservatives leader, Ruth Davidson has said that Scotland should receive full control of income tax, should the nation turn down independence.

She went on to add that Holyrood should also receive powers to control VAT, some controls over tax bands and rates along with an independent Fiscal Commission to produce Scottish forecasts.

It should be noted that when Ruth Davidson started her successful leadership bid in 2011 one of her main policies was being strongly opposed to any form of fiscal autonomy, what a drastic shift!

The plans include a cut in the treasury block fund, in which Westminster give devolved areas a set amount of money and the parliaments spend it as they see fit, which is designed to increase financial autonomy.

It does appear that the Tories, who were originally opposed to devolution and vetoed a devolution max choice in the upcoming referendum, are seriously regretting that mistake as the polls start to show hope for the Yes side.

Regardless of the result referendum, the SNP have claimed a fantastic victory, even if the No side clutches the trophy, the nationalists have promised Scotland a raft of new powers as the UK tip toes away from being the most centralised nation in Europe.

The Lib Dems, who support regional devolution in England, say that Scotland should raise 50% of what it spends.

Labour want to see the 20p tax rate devolved, along with more powers for Scotland’s islands.

In related news, Yorkshire Devolution was mentioned in a recent parliament session. Barry Sheerman MP for Huddersfield ask Greg Clark MP (Minster for state in the Cabinet office) why “Yorkshire, who has a bigger population than Scotland” still has no democratic voice.

Mr. Clark MP replied that the West Yorkshire and Sheffield combined authorities give Yorkshire a big enough voice.

Which is an interest view, being as it ignored the other half of Yorkshire.  


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  1. Playing the devils advocate Yorkshire having a (slightly) larger population than Scotland, can be too easily dismissed. The traditional county of Lancashire has 45% more people than Yorkshire. Then there is the Cleveland question, do people from Middlesbrough relate to Yorkshire or the North East? From my experience it’s the latter.

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