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European Parliament elections – some thoughts

May 26, 2014

The results from the European Parliament elections for Yorkshire & the Humber are below. These are included without much comment from ourselves, except to say three things:

Firstly, we hope that Yorkshire First is encouraged enough by their credible result to continue making the case for devolution to Yorkshire as a political movement.

Secondly, we wait and see how effectively the three UKIP MEPs take the case for Yorkshire to Brussels, especially as one of their newly minted members has already, apparently, stated he won’t attend the Parliament.

Thirdly, the combined vote of the two pro-devolution parties in Yorkshire (Yorkshire First and the Greens) would have come within a few thousand votes of winning the final seat in the region. Such ‘electoral partnerships’ have occurred before (Mebyon Kernow and the Greens for Westminster elections in 2005 and Plaid Cymru and the Greens in the 1990s) so it might be worth the two parties discussing this in future. Food for thought.


Results for Yorkshire & the Humber

Party Votes % MEPs change +/-
UK Independence Party 403,630 31.13 (+13.70) 3 +2
Labour 380,189 29.32 (+10.56) 2 +1
Conservative 248,945 19.20 (-5.25) 1 -1
Green 102,282 7.89 (-0.63) 0 0
Liberal Democrat 81,108 6.25 (-6.92) 0 -1
An Independence From Europe 24,297 1.87 (0.00) 0 0
British National Party 20,138 1.55 (-8.24) 0 -1
Yorkshire First 19,017 1.47 (0.00) 0 0
English Democrats 13,288 1.02 (-1.53) 0 0
NO2EU 3,807 0.29 (-0.98) 0 0

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