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Labour wants devolution that’s clear – now the challenge is to make sure it is worthwhile for Yorkshire

February 13, 2014

The much-anticipated speech by Jon Cruddas to the New Local Government Network took place yesterday. Jon Cruddas is the Labour MP heading up the party’s Policy Review which in turn will contribute hugely to the Manifesto for the 2015 General Election and thus gives an early indication as to what Labour’s priorities are. The full speech on ‘power, democracy and devolution’ can be found here.

It is clear that devolution is a big part of what could be on offer and Jon Cruddas makes this point early on:

We will redesign the relationship between central and local government to spread power out to our cities and regions.

Reading on, it is not entirely clear how power is to come to the regions. There is some suggestion that local authorities might see more powers but a wholesale transfer of powers does not seem to be an option. However, it is encouraging that the thinking is clearly going in a direction we can applaud and YDM will press over the coming weeks for a significant shift of power away from Westminster and Whitehall to Yorkshire to be included in the final version of Labour’s manifesto.

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats are having a vigorous debate on the merits of Yorkshire assembly on their website.


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  1. Good luck. New Labour promised any ‘region’ that showed an interest in devolution a referendum. Cornwall produced a petition of 50,000 signatures calling for a Cornish assembly -collected by a handful of volunteers – and Blair chucked it in the bin because only regions that they had drawn and they recognised could have devolution. Basically you can have greater democracy but only if its exactly as we decide it.

  2. Yorkshire Nige permalink

    Agree! Central Government only allowing devolution to an area determined by central government does little to demonstrate a real understanding of devolution at all! The identities and loyalties of people cannot be imposed by governments, they can only be determined by the people themselves!

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