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Political momentum towards devolution in recent media

February 12, 2014

There have a been a couple of op-ed pieces in the Yorkshire Post over the past few days (by Linda Riordan MP and Professor Jeffrey Henderson) as our friends at the Hannah Mitchell Foundation push for devolution to the ‘North’. This is, of course, not the preferred option of YDM but nevertheless we welcome the contribution to the devolution debate as the rationale for clawing powers away from London in both pieces is sound.

On another note, Calderdale Liberal Democrats have been in the media locally saying that Yorkshire should be given a regional assembly like Scotland and Wales. This is in light of the proposals to be debated by the Liberal Democrats at their Spring Conference in York in a few weeks time (as previously reported on this blog). As we reported it is not evident from the words in the motion that a directly elected assembly for Yorkshire is something which is unambiguously proposed, but YDM understands that Calderdale Liberal Democrats will be proposing an amendment to clarify this.

This all adds to the momentum for devolution in some form. What is needed now is a coherent policy which the people of Yorkshire can get behind. That is why a Yorkshire wide conversation is so key. YDM will continue to campaign for this in the coming weeks and months.


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