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Record blog views and Whitehall’s hostility to Yorkshire give added momentum to devolution campaign

August 6, 2013

Once again many thanks to all those contributors and  visitors who have pushed up the number of views on the YDM site to 3000 since we were set up in March. The number of views since Yorkshire Day last Thursday (which in itself was this blog’s best ever day) has averaged around 73 per day which is about three times the normal daily level.

There is no doubt that in the last few days especially, the concept of devolved powers to Yorkshire has captured the public imagination. The story which the Yorkshire Post broke on Saturday and which we ‘reprinted’ here about the attempts of Whitehall to sideline Yorkshire in next year’s Grand Depart of the Tour de France clearly struck a nerve with many many people. As someone wrote on the Yorkshire Post website:  ‘We need to be able to unleash the potential here not to be going cap in hand to London and then have the door slammed in our faces. I think this story could be a defining moment in the struggle for Yorkshire devolution.’ YDM shares that view and is already working on plans for after the summer break to take the case for Yorkshire into the wider community. Follow us here and on the YDM facebook page for more details later in the month.


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