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Why regionalism as opposed to localism or an English parliament?

June 30, 2013

People argue that because England is the largest nation within the UK, it should not be the only one without its own parliament.  In the absence of other considerations that argument might seem quite reasonable.  However, before England rises in revolt on this matter, a question should be considered: ‘Would the regions of England fare any better under a central parliament for England than they have done under a central parliament for the UK?’

The answer to that question is quite simply , ‘NO!’ and the reason for that is, ironically, because of England’s size compared to the other UK nations.  Whereas each of the populations of Scotland and Wales are such that they can be effectively and efficiently serviced by their own central parliaments, England’s population is too big and the needs of her regions too diverse for that to be the case with a single parliament for all England.   Similarly, localism, such as the City Deals of Devolution, involves populations that are too small to realize the full benefit of devolution.  Already neighbouring local authorities having these deals in Yorkshire are clubbing together in attempt to achieve something worthwhile!

As devolution has been greatly successful in Scotland and Wales, the solution is to empower similar populations within England with similar devolved powers and that means to empower the regions or historic counties.  In particular, the peoples of those parts outside London (who have devolution) and the South-East, will only fall further behind whilst they remain deprived of devolution on a comparable level.


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  1. Richard Carter permalink

    Whilst I agree with your clear logic I think we have to focus on our region. For regional government to work there has to be an emotional connection as well as a practical dimension. Yorkshire has a sense of pride and difference and this is fundamental to winning the argument here. The benefits to the rest of England will perhaps hit home when they see how successful we can be. Yorkshire first.

  2. The main reason people keep pushing for reviled regions is to erase England and the English altogether. Regions would not even be discussed if England were not not in a union with Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.. A far better soltion would be for England to leave the UK and have its own parliament with local government returning to the councils. This worked before devolution and even better before the UK joined the EU. England should leave both the UK and EU, and all our problems would be solved.

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